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The IGS U.K. Chapter was the 3rd world wide chapter to be formed in 1987. The Chapter is supported on a voluntary basis by a committee of individuals from a background of academia, industry and consultancy. Committee members typically serve a minimum of 2 years and nominations are welcomed for interested parties to join the committee. The current U.K. Chapter committee comprises the members listed below.

Current IGS UK Committee

Chair: Andrew Belton

Vice Chair: Patricia Guerra-Escobar

Honorary Treasurer: Patrick Flood

Honorary Secretary: Scott Harvey

Activities Secretary: David Woods

Chapter Sponsor Liaison: Andy Cracknell

Communications: Ian Scotland

IGS Representation Liaison: David Shercliff

Committee Member: Eugene Gallagher

Committee Member: Darren Bland

Committee Member: Alireza Tatari

Committee Member: Katarzyna Zamara

Committee Member: Mike Horton

Committee Member: Peter Stevens

Committee Member: James Feest

Immediate Past Chair: (Yuli) Chaido Doulala-Rigby

Past Chairs of the Committee
Alan McGown 1987 – 1989
Bernard Myles 1989 – 1991
Terry Ingold 1991 – 1993
Jim Paul 1993 – 1995
Steve Corbet 1995 – 1997
Guy Watts 1997 – 1999
Chris Jenner 1999 – 2001
John Greenwood 2001 – 2003
Derek Smith 2003 – 2005
Russell Jones 2005 – 2008
Neil Dixon 2008 – 2010
Ian Fraser 2010 – 2012
Peter Assinder 2012 – 2014
Gary Fowmes 2014 – 2016
Yuli Doulala-Rigby 2016 – 2018
Andrew Belton 2018 –
Honorary Members

D J Ayres
Chris Jenner
Colin J F P Jones
Alan McGown
Bob Warwick

Chris Jenner accepting his Honorary Members certificate at the AGM in 2017.