Pictured: Pictured: 19th Presenter, Alan Bamforth (Managing Director of ABG Geosynthetics) awarded by Kelvin Higgings, BGA Chair (left) and Andrew Belton, IGS Chair (right)

The British Geotechnical Association’s Invitational Lecture is the UK’s most prestigious annual geosynthetic event. Typically presented at the Institution of Civil Engineers’ headquarters at One Great George Street, London, the event attracts the most prominent speakers in the industry. The former speakers at the event are listed below:

No. Year Presenter Lecture Title
1st 2001 JP Giroud
2nd 2002 Robert Koerner Assessment of Ten Landfill Failures Using 2-D and 3-D Stability Analysis
3rd 2003 Kerry Rowe Geosynthetic-reinforced embankments over soft foundations
4th 2004 Alan McGown The Design and Construction of Geosynthetic Reinforced Load Transfer Platforms Used in a Variety of Applications
5th 2005 Colin Jones Electrokinetic treatment and conditioning of soils and wastes: A new application for Geosynthetics
6th 2006 Fumio Tatsuoka 20 years of geosynthetic reinforced-soil retaining walls with a full-height rigid facing and related structures in Japan
7th 2007 Chris Jenner “New Opportunities” How advances in the analytical understanding of reinforcement in soils will provide practical benefits to the Geotechnical Engineer
8th 2008 8th Presenter Development of the use of geotextiles in conjunction with ultra high strength expanding foam polymers to create novel in depth ground improvement and piling systems
9th 2009 JP Giroud The Terzaghi Lecture: Criteria for geotextile and granular filters
10th 2010 Richard Bathurst Recent developments in reinforced soil wall technologies
11th 2011 Chris Lawson
12th 2012 John Greenwood Have Geosynthetics changed Geotechnical Engineering?
13th 2013 Jorge Zornberg Advances in the use of geosynthetic reinforcements in paved roads
14th 2014 Steve Corbet Geosynthetics: Design and specifications, the way forward
15th 2015 Michael Heibaum Flooding mitigation, including the use of Geosynthetic construction methods
16th 2016 George Koerner Geomembrane Performance in Landfill
17th 2017 Neil Dixon Global Challenges, Geosynthetic Solutions and Counting Carbon
18th 2018 Jie Han Geosynthetics in Walls and Roads: Recent US Research and Developments
19th 2019 Alan Bamforth A New Climate for Geocomposite Drainage
20th 2020 John Cowland Geosynthetics in Hong Kong Landfills
21st 2021 Russel Jones Managing Legal Risk: A Geotechnical and Geosynthetic Perspective
22nd 2022 Pietro Rimoldi Geosynthetics for environmental resiliency

Pictured: 19th Presenter, Alan Bamforth presenting the 19th BGA Invitational Lecuture on “A New Climate for Geocomposite Drainge”