30/05/2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
UTC Oxfordshire
Greenwood Way
Didcot OX11
Nico Brusa

IGS UK & Thames Valley Geological Society (TVGS) Joint Meeting:

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Soil Erosion Control and Soil Conservation using Geosynthetics

Speakers: Jane Rickson*, Professor of Soil Erosion and Conservation, Cranfield University.

Location: UTC Oxfordshire – Didcot, OX11 6BZ

The talk will first consider the problem of soil erosion, defined as the detachment and transport of soil or other slope forming materials at the ground surface. It will cover the causes, extent, severity and consequences of soil erosion in the UK, and why soil erosion control is so important for environmental and regulatory reasons. Knowing why slope-forming materials erode at different rates helps target the application of erosion control measures such as the use of vegetation and geosynthetics.

Geosynthetics (including synthetic and natural products) are used in surface erosion control “to prevent or limit soil or other particle movements at the surface of, for example, a slope” (ISO 10318). Whilst the use of geosynthetics has expanded, scientific understanding of how these products affect the hydrological and hydraulic processes operating on a slope is limited. Cranfield University has undertaken geosynthetic product evaluation for over 30 years, using a range of environmental scenarios. The aim is to find the salient properties of cost-effective geosynthetics for short-term and long-term erosion control, including their ability to support vegetation cover. This information can inform a) site managers and contractors in selecting appropriate products and b) product designers and manufacturers in creating innovative erosion control products.

Flyer: IGS UK Flyer_TVRG_30th May



Directions for travel can be found at:  http://www.utcoxfordshire.org.uk/travelling-to-utc-oxfordshire/

There is a car park which is accessed via the side road (as yet unnamed) between the school and Asda.  There are automatic barriers into the car park which rise when a car approaches.  Signs will direct you to enter the building via a gate and a door, both on the side of the building nearest Asda.

Once inside the door you will be clearly signposted through the building (as follows) to a project room on the ground floor:

  • once inside the building, walk to the end of the corridor & turn left
  • walk to the end of the corridor & turn right
  • walk across the foyer to the Mini (yes, there really is a Mini in our foyer) and then turn right through double doors
  • walk to the end of the corridor to the talk venue (G14)

There are toilets located immediately beside this room and there will be refreshments in the room.  If you have difficulties finding the venue or finding the room please contact Ali Adams, the UTC’s Partnerships Manager on 07392 098343.