This section offers a wide variety of geosynthetics technical information. This information is a product of the IGS’s Education and Technical committees as well as a number of other hard-working IGS volunteers. Information developed for the IGS is created and peer-reviewed by the foremost geosynthetics academics and practitioners worldwide. This material is kindly provided by the international website of the IGS.

Introduction to Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development

Application Guides – Downloadable PDFs

Geosynthetics Functions: Functions (PDF)

Geosynthetics Classifications: Classifications (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Walls: Walls (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Slopes: Slopes (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Embankments on Soft Soils: Embankments (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Drainage and Filtration:Drainage (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Erosion Control: Erosion (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Road Engineering: Roads (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Unpaved Roads: Unpaved Roads (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Railroads: Railroads (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Wastewater Treatment: Wastewater (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Landfills: Landfill (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Hydraulic Projects: Hydraulic (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Seismic Applications: Seismic (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Agricultural Applications: Agricultural (PDF)

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