This section offers a wide variety of geosynthetics technical information. This information is a product of the IGS’s Education and Technical committees as well as a number of other hard-working IGS volunteers. Information developed for the IGS is created and peer-reviewed by the foremost geosynthetics academics and practitioners worldwide. This material is kindly provided by the international website of the IGS.

Origins of the term “Geosynthetics” and the IGS

The following papers provide and an interesting insight into the origin of the term “geosynthetics”, the organisation of the early international conferences and ultimately the formation of the International Geosynthetics Society.”

Classification of fabrics and measurement of their properties with a view to utilisation in geotechnics, Giroud (1977) [FRENCH]

From Geotextiles to Geosynthetics: A revolution in Geotechnical Engineering, Giroud (1986)

The Geosynthetics Discipline: Achievements and Challenges, Giroud (1993)

Personal Memories on the Formation of the IGS, Giroud (2003)

Introduction to Geosynthetics for Sustainable Development

Application Guides – Downloadable PDFs

Geosynthetics Functions: Functions (PDF)

Geosynthetics Classifications: Classifications (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Walls: Walls (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Slopes: Slopes (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Embankments on Soft Soils: Embankments (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Drainage and Filtration:Drainage (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Erosion Control: Erosion (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Road Engineering: Roads (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Unpaved Roads: Unpaved Roads (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Railroads: Railroads (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Wastewater Treatment: Wastewater (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Landfills: Landfill (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Hydraulic Projects: Hydraulic (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Seismic Applications: Seismic (PDF)

Geosynthetics in Agricultural Applications: Agricultural (PDF)

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