The IGS UK is the UK chapter of the International Geosynthetic Society.

The aims of the IGS UK chapter are to collect and distribute knowledge about geosynthetics & their applications by facilitating conferences, symposiums, evening presentations & research in order to promote the advancement of the state of the art of geosynthetics & to improve the communication and understanding of geosynthetic products between designers, manufacturers and users of the products.

Upcoming Events

IGS UK: Are you specifying and using the correct separation geotextiles? @ Online
Jan 28 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Title: Are you specifying and using the correct separation geotextiles?

Speakers: Ian Fraser

Thursday 28th January 2021
Online lecture start: 6pm.

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The new British Standard ‘BS8661 Geotextiles – Guidance for specification for basic separation and filtration functions’ will be discussed.  This will include details of the origins of the standard, the drivers for its publication and its objectives.  The standard provides a mechanism for the selection of appropriate geotextiles based on project information including, for example, ground conditions. There will be step by step guidance for designers looking to use the standard to select and specify materials allowing them to make simple but informed choices.  Guidance will also be given for those who need to check the acceptability of proposed products for a project against a specification.  This standard effectively replaces the old ‘Clause 609’ specification and has the support of Highways England and the Environment Agency.


About the Speaker:

Ian is currently Technical Director with TCS Geotechnics and Treasurer/Officer of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).  He is a geotechnical engineer with over 30 years of experience in geotechnical consultancy, specialist geotechnical contracting and geosynthetics system design, supply and construction. Ian has accumulated extensive experience of the geosynthetics industry via senior roles with some of its key players.  He is active in the promotion and regulation of geosynthetics and associated geotechnical systems via his involvement with a range of industry organisations and committees including the BSI, CEN, ISO and the IGS.

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ICE NW: Keeping on track with Geosynthetics – an introduction to Geosynthetic rail solutions? @ Online
Feb 23 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Title: Keeping on track with Geosynthetics – an introduction to Geosynthetic rail solutions?

Speakers: Peter Stevens (Terram Geosynthetics)

Thursday 23rd February 2021
Online lecture start: 6pm.

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Geosynthetic materials have been used within rail infrastructure for over 30 years to improve performance of the rail trackbed, associated earthworks and structures. With an ever increasing focus on value engineering and sustainability, geosynthetic materials can offer a wide range of solutions that help to conserve natural resources, improve performance and increase design life for rail projects.
This presentation will start with some definitions and an overview of the different types of geosynthetics and their functions. Then it will focus on the rail track bed construction showing some problems, how they can be solved and most important how they can be prevented. The presentation will cover some laboratory testing results and some case studies. At the end it will highlight the benefits of geosynthetics for rail applications.


About the Speaker:

Peter Stevens is currently Applications Development Manager for Terram Geosynthetics part of Berry Global. Peter is a Civil & Structural Engineer by training with over 20 years of postgraduate experience working within the UK construction industry generally in geotechnical & civil engineering related technical sales roles. Previous roles include freelance consultant, technical manager for Acheson & Glover, regional design engineer for Maccaferri, area civil engineer for Tensar International, contracts manager for Abbey Pynford and graduate engineer for Roger Bullivant. Specialist knowledge of geosynthetic materials particularly non-woven geotextiles, porous sustainable drainage solutions, reinforced soil structures, piling and specialist underpinning foundations. Particular interest in sustainable construction methods and solutions.

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